My name is Mohamed Ismail and I am a third year Masters of Architecture student at the University of Virginia.

I believe in the transformative potential of architecture, where the design of the built environment affects the entire human experience. This places architects at an important position of authority and servitude, so the responsible architect learns all they can while conveying their skills and knowledge into design for others. This belief has drives me to approach each new challenge with excitement.

Academically, I engage in experiences outside of my comfort range. Each new project and course allows me to explore a new dimension and approach to architectural design. I have studied concrete casting methods, installation and furniture design, historic building methods, parametric workflows and more. My work experience reflects this curiosity as well: I researched the potential of non-linear structural analysis in the architectural design process, learned new representation techniques in modelling shops, and was exposed to various stages of professional practice during internships.

Owing to my family from the Sudan and my formative years in the Philippines, I was provided a unique understanding of multi-cultural conditions and global systems. This cognizance allows me to approach problems with an open-mind, constantly challenge my own assumptions and biases, and appreciate the value of diversity when affecting change.

Attached: Resume + Worksample